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American staffordshire terrier dog with little kitten

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Welcome to FinderPets, the best way to find your new pet! We’re a mobile app that connects future pet parents to reputable breeders and adoption and rescue centers available on iOS and Android market. We have been victims of online pet scamming and are here to address this alarming issue and save potential victims from pet mills and backyard breeding. We have developed a fun and secure way to find your new pet by using proper screening procedures, secure payment gateways, and working with verified carriers with the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) that transports these pets to their new homes. Just create a profile, search your new pet, place an order, and wait for your pet to be transported to your home- it’s that easy!

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Find your new pet from reputable breeders or adoption and rescue centers and have them safely transported to you!

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We only accept reputable breeders to participate in our services to help ensure safe and reliable transactions for our future parents!

Adoption and Rescue Centers

Interested in adopting a pet instead? We offer the option to connect with adoption and rescue centers. 

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"Order a Pet - Save a Pet" Pledge

A percentage of all fees will be donated to adoption shelters and rescue centers throughout the country


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